Supporting Dr. D and Miracle Babies 5k

Enjoyed supporting the Miracle Babies Walk/Run 5k at the NTC Park in Liberty Station, San Diego.

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Supporting Leona Cox Multicultural Day

Glad to help inspire kids at Leona Cox Elementary at their Multicultural Day

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Official Site of Mercito Gesta

Thank you for visiting Mercito “No Mercy” Gesta’s new site:  Mercito and Team Gesta is grateful for all the continued support.  Enjoy the new site!

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Muay Thai Classes

Want to learn Muay Thai from a Professional Champion?  Get on the Interest List that is forming now and get trained by Anecito Gesta (Father/Head Trainer of Mercito “No Mercy” Gesta).

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Victorious! Win #29 for Mercito Gesta vs. Miguel Mendoza

Mercito Gesta wins by UD 97-92, 98-93, 97-92 vs. Miguel Mendoza.  Photo Credit:  Chris Almazan

Strength & Conditioning

Working mitts with Trainer, Coach, and Father…Anecito Gesta.

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News Around the World

Stay up to date on the current news on Mercito “No Mercy” Gesta from all over the world.

No Mercy Updates

Get exclusive updates from Mercito “No Mercy” Gesta on his boxing journey. Follow on Twitter/Instagram: @TheRealMGesta and Facebook: MercitoGesta.


See scheduled events of Mercito “No Mercy” Gesta’s journey to be a World Champion.

No Mercy Video Gallery

Courtesy of Youtube

Subscribe to the No Mercy Youtube Playlist and follow all the videos from his fans and supporters from all over the world.  Thanks everyone for sharing.

Action Shot of the Night

Photo Credit:  Chris Almazan

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No Mercy Sponsors

South Coast Mitsubishi

Thank you South Coast Mitsubishi, especially to Abbas Ahmadi.

C-MAC Filipino Martial Arts

I will never forget my roots and my father’s gym.  Thank you all at C-MAC for all the support.

Cerritos Mitsubishi

Thank you to Cerritos Mitsubishi, especially to Mark Mercado!

Human Development International

Thank you so much to Ryan Largo and John Ryan Largo for all the support.

BiD Contruction

Thank you to Obie and Patti Sibug for all the continued support.

Total Physical Therapy

Thanks to the entire team at Total Physical Therapy, especially Liza Prado (Owner/Founder) and my Strength and Conditioning Coach, Clinical Director Glen Beato.

PIMAA Academy

Thank you to Dennis Beato, Glen Beato, all the PIMAA coaches, and all the kids at the Academy!

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